Digital X-Rays

Low-Radiation Dental X-Rays in Colorado Springs

Digital X-Rays Colorado SpringsAs we continue to invest in technology that benefits you, we are proud to let you know that since August 2009, the X-rays we are taking are digital. In order to maintain the patients comfort we decided to invest in phosphorous plates (PSP) which look very similar to traditional X-ray films. They are wireless, thin, flexible and have the traditional film size The digital plates provide superb clinical image quality. The increased sensitivity of the digital plates allowed us to lower the radiation exposure intensity by 80%, meaning that you will get a lot less radiation than in the past. The OpTime system allows us to have very fast feedback, the image being scanned and displayed in a few seconds.

When using this technology there is no need to worry about the radiation exposure. The natural radiation you receive every day from the sun and the surrounding buildings is larger than the equivalent to dose required by a couple of x-rays.

On the computer screen the digital x-rays can be enlarged to detect cavities or visualize calculus easier. Digital dental x-rays are also great for the environment since there are no chemicals used to develop film.

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