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I always have a great experience with Dr. Roxy and the team at Twin Dental. From being recognized as a person and not just another customer, from the moment I walk in the door to the thorough dental exam I know I am getting the best treatment in town. Six months ago my oral health was a mess and through her hygienists’ help and advice and my commitment to the home health plan that they created for me, I have greatly improved. The team does the most thorough exam I have ever experienced and truly does care about my long term oral health. Thank you everyone at Twin Dental! I’ll see you in 6 months with healthy gums and great looking teeth! - Our Patient
Dr. Roxy is an amazing dentist. She and her team of professionals are friendly, helpful, and very efficient. I would recommend her to anyone looking for honest expertize. She is worth the drive to the north side of the Springs! - Our Patient
Dr. Roxy and her staff were amazing all the way around from the front desk, the hygienist, her dental assistant and Dr. Roxy herself they all were so please to work with and be around. The front desk was more thank willing to accommodate my schedule with theirs and the dental assistant know what they are doing and very confident. Made me feel great as a new new patient! If you are going to be switching dentists or looking for a new one I highly recommend Twin Family Dental! - Bryan
Another great office visit at Twin Dental. They always ask how you're feeling and about any dental concerns. I have had to deal with lifelong dental issues. Thanks to working with Dr. Roxy and Tanya, I now have a dental treatment plan that has greatly reduced cavities, dental pain and loss of my teeth and my gums are healthier than ever. They tailor the treatment plans to the individual. For example, I have soft teeth, so Twin dental schedules an extra cleaning every year and applies a coating of fluoride after every visit to help strengthen my teeth. And thanks to Jamie for always handling the insurance paperwork in a prompt and professional way. The Twin Dental office is best dentist office I've ever visited. Keep up the good work... Thanks, Mick - Michael
Dr Roxy, Tanya, and the rest of the staff are amazing. They know you by name, remember details and take an interest in your life, and treat you like a friend all while providing excellent pain free care. They don't judge you based on your dental hygiene, they just work to do the best they can for you! Recommended for anyone! - Korine
Twin Dental is wonderful. I went for a check-up and to have my teeth cleaned. The hygienist explained everything she did to my teeth. I have never had anyone do that before. I was comfortable and at ease the whole time. Dr. Roxy checked my teeth and even used a tiny camera to show I had a crack in one of my teeth. She is warm, professional, and an all around nice gal. I recommend this place to anyone who needs a caring and skillful dentist team. - Kristen
My first time at Twin Dental and it was a great experience. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. I will definitely be going back! They were great!! - Debra
This is my first experience with a dentist who doesnt work at a chain company. All I can say is I will never go back to any cheap dentistry, the staff is so nice and understanding. I haven't felt judged once even with my spotty dentist visits in the past. The quality of the work is so much better than anything ive had done in places like comfort dental. I cant say enough for this place. - Quinn


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